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Posts by Munch1431

by Munch1431
02.09.2016, 23:19
Forum: Новости-News
Topic: Start of development Trucker: roads of America
Replies: 103
Views: 32388
Flag: Great Britain

Re: Start of development Trucker: roads of America

Looks great, was wondering if this feature was gonna be inlcuded, it would really compete with ETS2 and ATS. Can you purchase trailers pick up loads onto your trailer much like real life? Thanks and good luck.
by Munch1431
18.08.2016, 01:46
Forum: Kenworth K200
Topic: KW K200 v14.0 WIP
Replies: 96
Views: 15276
Flag: Great Britain

Re: KW K200 v14.0 WIP

Hey progress looks amazing, wondering if there's any update on when the release will be? Also wondering if there's any deal that can be done on pruchasing this truck. I know if you purchase certain trucks you get one free, I currently own the K108 and WS4800, thanks.
by Munch1431
26.07.2016, 23:54
Forum: Новости-News
Topic: About the project
Replies: 19
Views: 3570
Flag: Great Britain

Re: About the project

Would we be able to see in this game the ability for loads to be taken of trailers and you keep the trailer. More like real life where you have your own trailer which is loaded and unloaded, unlike ETS or ATS.

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