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Сообщения пользователя Him

14.04.2017, 12:16
Раздел: Double Trailers
Тема: Proposals-Wishes-bugs Double Trailers
Ответы: 135
Просмотры: 16332
Flag: Australia

Re: Proposals-Wishes-bugs Double Trailers

Hi, First: not sure if it's a bug or just incompatible mods or wrong mod order. But I'd like to know, if some else has encountered the same problem. Yesterday I drove (in ETS2) from Hamburg to Toulouse with the stock Scania and the Kaessbohrer Lowloader with the Pete 351. All was great until I reac...
11.04.2017, 10:42
Раздел: Работа в процессе-Work in progress
Тема: WIP Freightliner Argosy 2012 (AUS)
Ответы: 47
Просмотры: 6494
Flag: Australia

Re: WIP Freightliner Argosy 2012 (AUS)

FireBlade she is very nice :clap: cant wait to hear it purr.....
09.04.2017, 08:55
Раздел: Новости-News
Тема: New rules for VIP clients
Ответы: 88
Просмотры: 23048
Flag: Australia

Re: New rules for VIP clients

one of my favorites ....argosy i like very much :smile:
09.04.2017, 04:02
Раздел: Новости-News
Тема: Trucker: roads of Australia: poll/vote Australia
Ответы: 65
Просмотры: 29105
Flag: Australia

Re: Trucker: roads of Australia: poll/vote Australia

South Australia for me but any Australia will be good that way i can drive on the other side of the road :class:

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