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Сообщения пользователя Redtail_Foxaroo

14.02.2017, 02:59
Раздел: Mods for ATS
Тема: Mack B-Series? Any plans/interest??
Ответы: 4
Просмотры: 983
Flag: Australia

Re: Mack B-Series? Any plans/interest??

could always throw in the Australian detail parts as well, such as bullbars and the like.

14.09.2016, 12:42
Раздел: Новости-News
Тема: Trucker: roads of Australia: poll/vote Australia
Ответы: 65
Просмотры: 28982
Flag: Australia

Re: Trucker: roads of Australia: poll/vote Australia

I would like to make a recommendation regarding this new game though if I may. Usually when someone goes into the trucking industry for themselves they usually buy from the second hand market instead of new and I think that this would be something that a lot of truck simulators are missing. Random t...
17.08.2016, 15:39
Раздел: Новости-News
Тема: Tentative release plan
Ответы: 48
Просмотры: 10291
Flag: Australia

Re: Tentative release plan

I am Looking forward to the Valueliner and the R700, I am an old Mack fan

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