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Сообщения пользователя Rusty_Smith

01.07.2018, 06:44
Раздел: Новости-News
Тема: Error and game crash
Ответы: 101
Просмотры: 11308
Flag: Australia

Superliner Clashing with SCS trailers

Hey crew, have been having trouble with the Australian version of the Superliner clashing or jamming when turn with some SCS trailers on... Only seems to be with any of the Gooseneck, Double and long van trailers...is this a bug with the advanced coupling not working properly or the clearances betwe...
24.12.2017, 13:43
Раздел: Новости-News
Тема: Buy / Get The Update
Ответы: 385
Просмотры: 58326
Flag: Australia

Mack SL V4

Update : Mack SL v4
Forum name: Rusty_Smith
Cheers Rusty
23.07.2017, 04:33
Раздел: MACK Superliner
Тема: WIP MACK Superliner v4.0
Ответы: 27
Просмотры: 4668
Flag: Australia

Beacon Lights...Cab Variants...Interior / Dash color

Hi crew, can with the release of V4 the Cab be made as a variant instead of completely replacing the type as done when going from V2 to V3 with the adding of fairing to the the sleeper as seen with the update, the fairing could have been made as an option to the truck... As the growing support for O...
08.07.2017, 10:41
Раздел: MACK Superliner
Тема: CTD Superliner ATS
Ответы: 22
Просмотры: 2369
Flag: Australia

Superliner Beacons & Light Tan Dash

Hey Oleg, is it possible to put rotating Beacons/ lights onto the roof of the Superliner and/or the rest of the RTA fleet ? The other is to give back the option of having the old dash colour of light tan/brown as it made the inside of the cab more warmly than the drab dark grey...cheers Rusty Keep u...
23.01.2017, 14:12
Раздел: MACK Superliner
Тема: MACK SL V8. Wishes, requests, ideas, claims ...
Ответы: 110
Просмотры: 12605
Flag: Australia

Re: MACK SL V8. Wishes, requests, ideas, claims ...

Hey crew... just wondering if you are going to fit rotating beacons / flashing lights to the all of the RTA fleet... part of whats missing when doing oversize...and a couple of exhaust options plus a few smaller bling items that help personalize the RTA fleet...cheers Rusty i did notice a small prob...
22.01.2017, 14:17
Раздел: Новости-News
Тема: Leak MACK Superliner
Ответы: 25
Просмотры: 5909
Flag: Australia

Leak of Mack SL

hey crew still on modsats.com

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