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Сообщения пользователя TGLAZEY99

07.08.2017, 02:11
Раздел: Free mods ATS
Тема: Cat 3406E for RTA trucks
Ответы: 8
Просмотры: 1340
Flag: Australia

Re: Cat 3406E for RTA trucks

It wont download at all the page just times out if you could please fix this that would be great thankyou heaps
28.04.2017, 10:24
Раздел: Работа в процессе-Work in progress
Тема: Work in progress AUS Trailers
Ответы: 58
Просмотры: 7140
Flag: Australia

Re: Work in progress AUS Trailers

They look awesome so excited for the extra pivot points Hopefully we can have something like road trains in the future
big mack.jpg

18.04.2017, 00:11
Раздел: Работа в процессе-Work in progress
Ответы: 24
Просмотры: 4064
Flag: Australia


An early r model WHAT!!! I love the old trucks they are the best in my opinion. This one looks awesome cant wait till to see it progress further
06.03.2017, 07:51
Раздел: Sounds Kriechbaum
Тема: Caterpillar C15 stock sound
Ответы: 10
Просмотры: 1936
Flag: Australia

Re: Caterpillar C15 stock sound

Another awesome sound mod by the truck sound master himself sounds great. One question does it work with all trucks like the k108 mack superliner and western star at all or just the stock scs trucks
26.01.2017, 02:52
Раздел: Обновления-Updating
Тема: Trailer Tanker US
Ответы: 8
Просмотры: 1281
Flag: Australia

Re: Trailer Tanker US

That trailer looks awesome behind the Mack. Who made the paint job for the Mack it looks awesome as
25.10.2016, 14:28
Раздел: Новости-News
Тема: Trucker: roads of Australia: poll/vote Australia
Ответы: 65
Просмотры: 29004
Flag: Australia

Re: Trucker: roads of Australia: poll/vote Australia

If you could do the Nt, South Australia and Wa that would be awesome and the Nullabour.

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