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Сообщения пользователя Bulldog07

05.09.2017, 14:06
Раздел: Работа в процессе-Work in progress
Тема: WIP Kenworth T609
Ответы: 166
Просмотры: 20047
Flag: Australia

Re: WIP Kenworth T609

Very nice job RTA crew, your attention to detail is incredible and very well presented. I will have no regrets having every model you guys release in the stable. Looking forward to the updated Mack variant and Freightiner Argossy to come. Very Nice work indeed and I might add .also, I have always ha...
22.01.2017, 14:08
Раздел: MACK Superliner
Тема: MACK SL V8. Wishes, requests, ideas, claims ...
Ответы: 120
Просмотры: 14852
Flag: Australia

Update request pending

Guys still waiting on a response for an update link please, tried FB and here with not much help. Can I get some contact please,
21.09.2016, 15:17
Раздел: Новости-News
Тема: Trucker: roads of Australia: poll/vote Australia
Ответы: 65
Просмотры: 29362
Flag: Australia

Re: Trucker: roads of Australia: poll/vote Australia

Use South Australia as a starting point , 1 Its central to all states and branches to every state Nth , Wst and East 2 Its a relatively simple state to start with , road structure is simple and direct 3 It would not take much to get it started , whilst gathering other state information End goal woul...

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