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Unread post #161by Admin-RTA » 13.04.2017, 12:55


rename the zip to scs and install in mod Manager
or copy part 1
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T908 V6

Unread post #162by AloneBacon » 06.06.2017, 02:29

When Is the T908 Right Hand Drive Going to be coming out? We have been waiting a while for it

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Tri Drive

Unread post #163by Epic117man » 16.09.2019, 10:25

I'm not sure if this has been specifically requested before or not, but would it be possible for a Tri-drive Chassis to be added for all cab configurations? There are modders who have made such addons to the truck but typically each game update ends up messing it up and sometimes some parts of the truck go missing (like the dash panel with the mod I use.) To me, the Tri-drive is an Australian Icon of their extreme duty trucks that haul the quads and other maximum capacity configurations. Since I'm asking here I might as well also ask if this could be applied to the K108/K200 and the WS4800 as well.

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