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Posted: 17.04.2017, 19:52
by FireBlade
American classics :class:



Posted: 17.04.2017, 20:02
by diddy2003
when will this be available for download?

Posted: 17.04.2017, 20:03
by FireBlade
diddy2003 wrote:when will this be available for download?

Posted: 17.04.2017, 22:40
by Cogsy666
Looks very nice :clap: :class:

Posted: 17.04.2017, 23:14
by tekani
Looks Great!

Posted: 18.04.2017, 00:11
An early r model WHAT!!! I love the old trucks they are the best in my opinion. This one looks awesome cant wait till to see it progress further

Posted: 18.04.2017, 06:53
by Neskonian
It is great to have older trucks. I look forward to adding this to my collection. :smile:

Posted: 18.04.2017, 09:24
by Woha
Yeah good old Mack

Looks great :class:

Posted: 18.04.2017, 16:16
by Earl of Grey
Deamn, how many of you guys are workign on these? You have over half a dozen trucks in the works, that's astounding!

Wouldn't it be better though to finish one after another and not have so many unfinished construction sites around...?

Posted: 18.04.2017, 16:45
by Admin-RTA
Oleg decided to make all the trucks :toothless:
this is a normal working process :wink:
we are doing some models,Oleg creates a new :nervious:

Posted: 18.04.2017, 20:34
by Hounddog
:clap: :clap: :clap: yes yes yes ...looking forwrd to this one !!!!!

Posted: 19.04.2017, 09:57
by Rayned
АААА, ждем :class:

Posted: 20.04.2017, 02:32
by mackr600fan
need this so much shame no ones had one out sooner too many kenworths out there

Posted: 20.04.2017, 20:47
by Gordon Gekko
YES !!! And the R700 please. :class:

Posted: 21.04.2017, 14:06
by rcc823
I cannot wait! R series is one of my favorite Macks. Keep up the great work. Definitely superior quality mods!

Posted: 27.04.2017, 15:10
by Bandit-Express
Really looking Forward for this Beauty!

Keep on the awesome work!

Posted: 20.06.2017, 15:58
by Paul White
:clap: :class: This look awesome!

Posted: 21.06.2017, 02:00
by stewie2015
Great work, looks amazing

Posted: 21.06.2017, 10:05
by loddi51
Klasse Truck.

Posted: 21.06.2017, 22:43
(ಠ⌣ಠ) (ʘ‿ʘ) (◕‿◕)

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Does it have the same interior as Superliner ?