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Posted: 16.06.2016, 06:12
by Mikeb744
Beautiful !

Posted: 17.06.2016, 17:04
by Fernfahrer

Posted: 18.06.2016, 14:42
by DriverGeo
Looks great :)

Posted: 20.07.2016, 18:04
by willy1962
I hope this is the right place , but may I make an request:
Is it possible to make this rims for the K108 or the K200.
or a separate rim mod for several trucks ? ... load-mods/mack-superliner.html
Thanks in advance.

Posted: 05.08.2016, 12:44
by willy1962
I have the K108 and are happy with it.
1 question can you make the lights on the round tank the same color as on the front bumper ?


Posted: 06.08.2016, 10:38
by Kiwimike7
This truck is listed on Modhub ATS for free. Not sure whether you can stop them or not.

Posted: 06.08.2016, 11:43
by mharr304
Kiwimike7 wrote:This truck is listed on Modhub ATS for free. Not sure whether you can stop them or not.
i reported it to modhub about the k108 being there and the person the put it up on the website didn't own it but they didn't take it down

K108 /k200

Posted: 07.08.2016, 05:47
by Feedhimmungo
If you could the lights on the back of the stacks could you make them red that would look real good while night an more lights on top of the sleeper

Posted: 13.08.2016, 23:59
by BigBadWolf
Is it possible to skin the 108?
saw a picture on Oleg's profile and on a mod page (cant recall the name), but it had skin on!!

Posted: 14.08.2016, 18:18
by willy1962
here a link for some skins for the 108 made by Pauly :
there are 2 links in it for ATS & ETS2
and in the 108 file are 2 files to skin : 108_A & 108_B

I have for my self change a K200 skin till its good (for me )

good luck with it.


Posted: 24.09.2016, 13:32
sweet australian finally autralian side to drive on dad ownes one :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: