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Добавлено: 11.10.2017, 16:55
I noticed only now, because I focused more on Kw 108 to Ats, but at Ets 2 I do not have fast orders to choose Kenworth 108 and I probably do not have him in the salon to buy.
For sure I will ask in what salon can buy Kw108 in Ets 2?

Добавлено: 15.10.2017, 21:32

For starter's I would like to apologize because I had not discovered all the showrooms (ets2) and I had no idea if it is Kw k108 to buy in any of them, apologize for that I said that it is not in fast orders and I do not think that it is such Rare in fast orders.

Unfortunately, I still have the missing steering wheel from three interiors at Ats and Ets 2.

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There is a small error in the configuration of the truck when configuring one bumper on the three available slots.

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Sorry for the double post, but too many photos.

I also noticed in the same bumper that when I install some things it hangs up or hangs in the air (Ats and Ets2).

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Also in this bumper there is a slight difference in the center slot between the painted and the chrome, perhaps out of these things.
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Добавлено: 18.10.2017, 20:11
Front number plate in ETS2 is from ATS, please fix it on next version or give us a hot fix.

Добавлено: 19.10.2017, 10:27
Hi Teddy,
the three interiors with the prefix "0", that is "0a", "0b" and "0c" are intended to have NO steering wheel, so what you are seeing in your first screenshot above is correct as it is. This is meant for people who are using a USB steering wheel such as the Logitech positioned with their monitor directly in front of it in such a way that they do not want to see the in-game steering wheel, just the dash board giving a clear view of all gauges etc without being obstructed by the in-game steering wheel and giving a more immersive experience.

You will already know that the interiors which have a "1" prefix all do have an in-game steering wheel as you want, so there is indeed the choice for you to either run with, or without, the in-game steering. :wink:

Happy trucking

Добавлено: 20.10.2017, 00:14
Thank You very much for your answer. :smile:
I did not expect the mod to be so high that it was thought of players who play on the steering wheel, I personally do not have a steering wheel and play on the keyboard.

In that case, I am only concerned with showing (in quick orders) truck brands which, instead of truck brands, see something like only Ats:


And a little oversight with these bumpers Ats and Ets 2.

Добавлено: 24.10.2017, 12:31
i have a request for all kenworths and western stars and even trucks it can go on to have lights slots on back of wings so we can have the type of lights we want on there cheers

Добавлено: 11.12.2017, 04:48
Good morning, :smile:

I noticed that in the configuration with the rear axle lifted, the axle is raised and will stop, for example I will save the game and leave the game or switch the profile to another, and then when I get back into this profile where I have a truck with this axis lifting configuration The engine will start and it will start to drive, the vehicle will accelerate to 17 mph, it will go to the 8L gear and do not want to put another gear (automatic gearbox) until it leaves and raises back, everything is ok and the vehicle is driving and shifts gears normally.

t also caught my attention that the speed meter incorrectly indicates the speed and cheats by 5mph.


As for the problem and photos from post # 45, this is no longer valid, because I checked for certainty and it is the fault of another module. :wink:

Добавлено: 20.12.2017, 23:21
Wishes:the light options on the roof.
all the options but no lights on antenna.( extra )

Добавлено: 25.12.2017, 16:17
Добрый день!

Версия игры ATS (64-bit), мод версии 2.1.5. Других модов не стоит.
1. При установке модификации "Smoke" дым направлен в сторону от движения:

2. Хотелось бы разделить точки модернизации по разделам и сторонам обозрения на грузовик. Т.е. чтобы модификации салона, например, были видны только из закладки аксессуары салоны и не видны на общих аксессуарах. По сторонам - точку модернизация задних габаритов, брызговиков желательно видеть с заднего обзора грузовика. На текущий момент все точки модернизации видны с лобовой проекции и это сильно перегружает интерфейс.
3. Желательно в готовых цветовых схемах иметь возможность сменить цвет, или хотя бы скопировать цвета схемы в шаблоны палитры, что идентично покрасить диски, гайки, колпаки.

Добавлено: 29.12.2017, 06:03
Can we have the Dashboard/Cabin panels (or template) in part1 7zip for editing like the K200 has :)

Добавлено: 10.01.2018, 13:03
Would like a round air filter Tuning for double Edition of K108 and K200 like here

Then I realy would love few more Flashing light's in General.
Some examples I like because yeah I like Items on Steel and then connected on Truck don't know better to explain...

My favorites:
Connected on side of the Cab:
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► Показать

My 2nd favorites:
Connected on a plate on top of the Cab:
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► Показать

Connected on a little pipe on top of the Cab:
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This here I also like looks like a splited one for left and right side of non aearo Cabins:
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Or as a thick chromed Basic one this here:
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Добавлено: 18.03.2018, 01:44
tachometer shows miles, not kmh. k200 and t908 works fine.

Добавлено: 18.03.2018, 03:02
Yes, you are right. I fixed in ETS for kilometers
Send an update request, Oleg will send you files :wink:

Добавлено: 27.04.2018, 14:59
Good morning, :smile:

After the update of KW K108 to version 1.31 to Ats, I noticed one small thing so far, namely that in the tuning, when choosing the option of wheel alignment, there is no appropriate option for the Kenworth truck. If someone has other trucks can wear rims, etc. from another truck, I have wheels from Volvo FH16.
As it happens with a lorry dealer, the tuning options are reviewed when choosing a chassis, no matter what the lack of Kenworth options for this part of the wheel does not show up or they show themselves standard from scs.


At the moment I have not noticed any more mistakes yet.

Добавлено: 03.06.2018, 10:31
wish K108.
extra function button no lights on antenna and top lights on the cabin working.
now top lights on the cabin only working with top lights on antenna.

Добавлено: 01.07.2018, 13:22
maybe this can me made on the roof that we can chance the rooflights : https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=197&t=253435

Добавлено: 30.07.2018, 01:22

would be great if that would be possible for all truck

Добавлено: 07.08.2018, 20:09
A bullbar in truck color would also be a great thing

Добавлено: 14.08.2018, 13:25
Hallo zusammen, ich habe mir den K100 im Packet für den ETS2 und ATS gekauft. Leider funktioniert der K100 in der aktuellen Version bei mir im ATS nicht richtig. Wenn das Tankvolumen auf Reserve Nivau ist, läuchtet bei mir die Öldruck Lampe und nicht die Kontrolllampe von der Tankanzeige. Als weiteres ist zu bemängeln, dass ich im Tachometer sowie bei der Anzeige von dem Drehzahlmesser keine Anzeigen habe (keine digitalen). Das heißt, ich habe keine Anzeige des eingelegten Ganges sowie auch keine Anzeige des Kilometerstandes.



Добавлено: 17.08.2018, 10:15
Hi Wolfgang,

ich habe nur den K108, aber der hat standardmäßig keine Digitalanzeigen soweit ich weiß. RTA hat aber da ein bisschen was "nachgerüstet" und ein Multi-Info-Display eingebaut, das die von dir vermissten Anzeigen (Kilometerzähler, Ganganzeige) hat. Einfach mal Blick nach oben :D


viele Grüße


The K108 doesn't come with digital gauges by default, as far as I know. But RTA has "upgraded" the truck with a bord computer, that shows the information you're missing like current gear or trip meter. Just look upwwards.