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Posted: 20.04.2016, 14:08
by Admin-RTA
Ready to send files. Everyone who bought a trailer, check your email, about an hour

Posted: 20.04.2016, 15:08
by DriverGeo

Posted: 20.04.2016, 17:48
by aasguard
i paid for the doubles but still no email with the trailer

Posted: 20.04.2016, 22:11
by loddi51
Ich auch !

Posted: 20.04.2016, 22:40
by Admin-RTA
aasguard wrote:i paid for the doubles but still no email with the trailer

loddi51 wrote:Ich auch !

All files Oleg sent
throw your e-mail. Oleg FireBlade

Posted: 20.04.2016, 23:44
by FireBlade
All files sent, check your e-mail, and check the spam folder

Posted: 21.04.2016, 03:01
by Crazyjack99
Me 2 but I lost my old email when I switched pc's so I might not get this trailer. :( :cry:

Posted: 21.04.2016, 03:21
by DriverGeo
No problem, provide a new one here and Oleg will see it, or send him a private message ;).


Posted: 21.04.2016, 12:05
by aasguard
have gone through all of my emails and i mean i have gone way back to the start of the year and looked right up to date same with spam and still no email with trailer any chance i can have a pm to let me know what email oleg sent it to please

Posted: 22.04.2016, 12:14
by Spacko
is that everyone that brought a trailer ? as i have brought the Doubles dose that mean i should get the reefer trailer

Posted: 22.04.2016, 13:25
by Ozric
I would like to ask the same question as above from Spacko


Posted: 22.04.2016, 14:47
by FireBlade
Ozric wrote:I would like to ask the same question as above from Spacko

This trailer is sold separately, double trailer will update soon

Posted: 23.04.2016, 03:08
by Ozric
Thanks for clearing that up for us.

Great news on update for the double trailers

Could you consider a few changes please

1. Change Road Train plates to Long Vehicle on the doubles
2. Remove the plates all together on the single trailers
3. Change the colour of the chassis to Black, as red doesn't look right with a lot of skin themes
4. Make the wheels shiny Chrome & also the trim around the boxes
5. Make the side of the boxes look a Little Bit shiny with reflections, not super shiny.
6. Change the colour on the rear bumper hazard stickers from red, white & blue to red & amber(the colour of the road train plates)
7. The lights on the trailer need to be more amber/orange, not yellow.
8. Skinnable .dds files for all Companies, including Scandinavia (This would be awesome)
9. Maybe a seperate mod to have just the rear single trailers working in-game on their own
10. Drop all wheels down on the ground when they are in B-Double combo (looks weird to me seeing the wheels raised)

Anyway i hope you can use some or all of these suggestions to make the Best Trailer even Better.
Ether way i know it will be great to have an update, Thanks.

What's everyone's thoughts?
4. 5. 8. 9. & 10 are my favourites

Have a good weekend