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My Friend Harven

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My Friend Harven

Unread post #1by Pauly » 06.09.2017, 19:25

Ok guys,my friend Harven is a great at putting together a template for trucks in both games,he totally redone the template for the FLB with the help of myself and Lucasi,i think it would be benificial to yourselves & your growing community of members if you let him help you with making the templates for the trucks,the template on the T609 needs fixing and he is willing to do that if you agree to it,i hope we can come to some sort of agreement on this because it would be good to have him on board.

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Unread post #2by Admin-RTA » 07.09.2017, 06:21

T609 in version 1.1 the template is fixed
test Kriechbaum :wink:

Version 1.0 adds a template with the first test version and it is with an error. We added the correct template and modified it in version 1.1
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Unread post #3by Geronimo_Express » 07.09.2017, 07:59

Hi Guys (and Gals),
Awesome work that you are doing, I am really enjoying the T609 and it is quickly becoming a favourite! Well done! :clap:

Thanks for all of the great mods, I know it is a huge amount of work and can perhaps sometimes feel a bit frustrating for you, but I really appreciate all of the effort that you put into creating and updating all of these amazing trucks and trailers, your MODs bring a whole new level of variety and enjoyment to the game and are worth every single cent, thank you and this great community that we have here on the forum :smile:

P.S. Is the trailer in your pics above one that you have built Admin-RTA? It looks brilliant, hint hint :wink:
OziModz Custom Mods

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Unread post #4by kriechbaum » 07.09.2017, 10:00

Geronimo, no trailers from Australian 3D truck models, they are on FB.

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Unread post #5by Jfarrar51 » 07.09.2017, 10:43

Cant wait for the update really looking forward to it

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