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v7.0 RTA Renault T Mirror Bug

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v7.0 RTA Renault T Mirror Bug

Непрочитанное сообщение #1 BritishHaulagePacks » 14.01.2018, 22:16

Hi again,

I have gone for a drive in the Lowcab, UK, option C and I have noticed the mirrors only update/work if you turn the camera slightly and when you return to normal driving position it freezes and mirrors aren't working.. :/
Any idea why or how to fix?

Thanks in advance.

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Непрочитанное сообщение #2 Admin-RTA » 15.01.2018, 14:22

Renault T fix_mirror_uk.zip

1) rename zip archive to scs
2) install in the manager of mods above ETS_Renault-T_RTA-Mods_v7.0_Part2.scs
fix before 01/15/2018
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