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WS 4800 V3.2

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WS 4800 V3.2

Непрочитанное сообщение #1 FRANK_WOT » 14.02.2018, 23:33

Please see my Suggestions/Wishes below for update v3.2. This is based on the current v3.1 which I really like. Thank you for this very good mod.

1. Flashers option on the cab roof.


2. GPS on the dash (the current position is sometimes obstructing the view.).


3. Add an attachment point for the signs in the middle of the truck and aslo not hidden behind bull/kangaroo bar.


4. Add weight station pass


5. Add animation or simple icon changes to the Engine brake, Differential Lock indicator on the dash (very important to me).


6. Differential Ratios for heavy hauling. I suggest:
- 13 speed with 3.55 and/or 3.78 diff ratio
- 18 speed with 3.91 and/or 4.10 diff ratio

Examples I made:


7. Plastic option for rear fenders/wing:


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Stan_99 M
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Непрочитанное сообщение #2 Stan_99 » 16.02.2018, 20:46

Wishes on the Western Star.
1) Lower the navigator closer to the dashboard.
2) Add mud flaps with emblem.
3) Add nameplates (Road Train, Long Vehicle, Oversize Load)

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Непрочитанное сообщение #3 V8Bolle » 18.02.2018, 07:10

Erst einmal Danke für das Update des (für mich) besten ATS Trucks.
Aber einen Fehler habt ihr aus der Version 2.1 übernommen:
die Rückfahr-Scheinwerfer auf den Spiegeln scheinen immer noch nach vorne.
Der Hebel für die Trailer-Bremse an der Lenksäule arbeitet nicht.
Das Differential des 18 Gang Eaton Fuller ist viel zu lang (2.45). 3.45 wären viel besser.
Für die nächste Version wünsche ich mir :
- gelbe LED`s seitlich an den Tanks
- rote LED`s für die Luftleitbleche hinten an der Schlafkabine
- den Spoiler vom K200/T908 für das Dach der Schlafkabine
- eine hintere Stoßstange mit LED-Beleuchtung.

First of all thanks for the update of the (for me) best ATS truck.
But you have taken a mistake from version 2.1:
the reversing lights on the mirrors still seem to be ahead.
The lever for the trailer brake on the steering column does not work.
The differential of the 18-speed Eaton Fuller is much too long (2.45). 3.45 would be much better.
For the next version I wish:
- yellow LEDs on the side of the tanks
- red LED`s for the baffles at the back of the sleeping cabin
- the spoiler of the K200 / T908 for the roof of the sleeping cabin
- a rear bumper with LED lighting.
Excuse my bad English!

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Непрочитанное сообщение #4 tekani » 18.02.2018, 10:15

Just wanted to say a big THANKS.. i am really liking the 8x4 chassis.
Great work team

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