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Peterbilt 359 Proposals-Wishes

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Непрочитанное сообщение #61 Wulfkai » 08.09.2018, 16:00

Hi, first of all thx for a truly awesome truck! really a favorite i've been waiting on, i did however find some flaws i would like to share:

What is the proper load order for part 1.2.3?

Speedometer is off by 2-4 MPH, testet in cruise with "F5" infoscreen enabled

I seem to have a pinkish glow in the cabin, especially visible when looking at the car in the dealershop or upgrade garage.

The pyrometer does not seem to work? mine is constantly on zero?

again thx for a wonderfull truck

and regarding advanced coupling, what the administrator mentioned as the easy way with the 2-3 meters worked for me

would it be possible to add the cummins 444 from kriech in a future update?

best regards

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